3 Subjects Bundle

Take advantage of this holiday period with us and for 10 hours a week, hone your child's skills for each of the subjects respectively. Let them come back from this holiday, with renewed and polished abilities that will impress their teacher once school starts next month!

Total: $590

Class Schedule and Time Slots


English Preparatory Course

For English, 2 hours of each day in the week will consists of covering all the components but also going in-depth to discovering ways that can help a student to excel instead of staying mediocre.  


  • For Grammar and Synthesis, making sure that students understand the different roles that words play would be our top priority. Having each word categorised to what tense and when it should be utilised will be our main focus for these topics.


  • For Cloze, we will zoom in on the details which would be clues for the answers. The passages for Cloze are written in such a way that there are planted hints that direct students to a suitable answers and identifying them would enable students to do well in these concepts.


  • For Comprehension, analysing the passages by summarising each paragraph helps students to understand the content clearer and according to the question types that will be introduced, students can then give answers pertaining only to the question and not simply select a sentence in the passage to copy and paste.  


  • For Creative Writing, students will be tasked to plan their story ahead so that they can check if their story idea is solid at the very start and not get stuck in the middle. This also propels them to develop their story and not miss any important component.  

Maths Preparatory Course

Many students often struggle with problem sums and are unable to even begin solving the question. Using the H.I.T. model, students will be first taught how to Highlight Keywords from the question, Identify the Concepts and be able to Think of the First Step on their own.


  • These concepts will taught to them step-by-step


  • allowing the students to understand the strategies behind each concept. 


  • We will also be highlighting all the common mistakes made by students and how to avoid them.


  • Lastly, imparting the exam skills and answering techniques for them to ace their exams. 

Science Preparatory Course

During this 5-day PSLE preparatory course for Primary 5 students, they will be revising P3, P4, and P5 topics that they might have forgotten or be confused about. This is a chance for P5 students to clarify all their misconceptions in class. Additionally, we will be going through correct and systematic thought processes for open-ended questions, and also equipping students with useful answering techniques.


  • Recap P3/P4/P5 topics systematically and clarify all misconceptions.


  • Use clear and easy diagrams to memorise important concepts.


  • Practise carefully selected exam questions using systematic thought processes and useful answering techniques. 


  • Complete a daily topical test; this is a chance to correct common mistakes made and re-learn those concepts again.


Frequently Asked Questions

Here in Our Learning Lodge, only the best in their fields are in-charge of each subject. English, Math and Science are taken care of by teachers who specialise in that area. Passion plays a part in all of our trained teachers who are motivated by not only the subject but what the students can gain from the subject and of course, that includes their A*s.
Usually to start off the lesson, we will have everyone in class to introduce themselves. This is to get them and their peers comfortable but also to get to know what motivates them. In the midst of the first lesson, teachers can already identify their learning style and would tweak the lessons according to what they need to stay engaged. A group setting is especially useful as not only will prompts be given by teachers, but students will also participate. A classroom of students eager to learn and share their knowledge helps to build motivation in the process of achieving A*s.
Zoom has improved its system and we have improved our steps to make sure the learning environment will not be violated in any way. Meeting passwords are set and once everyone is in, we will ensure that the meeting would be locked, barring anyone else from coming into the lesson.
Just like in an actual real-life setting, our PSLE specialists would call on students to ensure they are paying utmost attention and we would encourage every student to show themselves via the camera so that the PSLE specialists can see their facial expressions. The chat would also be regulated and used only for discussing questions pertaining to the subject at hand.
Our Learning Lodge treasures our relationship with parents as we know that parents play a major role in educating our students. We will be giving individual feedback on the classes at a regular basis so that parents can take note of their child's progress and monitor their behaviour as well as attitude towards learning. Moreover, communication between us and the parent will always be open with our WhatsApp hotline. Should there be any concerns, feel free to raise the issues and we will be united in dealing with any complications.


In Our Learning Lodge, the teachers will go a long way to help you understand the concepts better. On top of the already comprehensive booklets we have which contains very good examples, the teachers give us enough time to truly absorb what was being taught.
When I first joined Our Learning Lodge, my scores were bad and I was in Primary 6, so there was very little time for me to improve. The teachers there were very patient with me and they helped me improve my scores bit by bit. They used teaching methods that help students understand concepts better so they could improve faster.
My grades had improved drastically ever since I was enrolled into Our Learning Lodge. OLL really focuses on the students’ weak points and after drilling us and providing assessments, the teachers would make us sit for a mini topical test. In my opinion, that is a really good method as students would really understand the topic taught.
I am grateful that I joined Our Learning Lodge! The teachers at OLL are very kind. They also teach us many different techniques so that we can apply them easily for different types of questions. Thank you, OLL for my vast improvement in English and Science. It is definitely the best tuition centre in the Jurong area!

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