3 Subjects Bundle

Our Learning Lodge has the methods and tools available to find the correct answer. 

Let us lead your child to get those right answers with a fully-packed course on all topics with the methods and tools to tackle a range of questions. 

Let us lead your child to the right attitude and the path of success.

Look below for what our courses entail and be ready for a holiday full of learning and explore new content and solve questions in simpler and more effective ways!

Total: $990

Class Schedule and Time Slots


English P6 Booster Course

Day 1: Grammar
- 8 tenses, determiners and Subject Verb Agreement
- Identify clues and keywords with clear, annotated explanations to obtain answers  

Day 2: Synthesis
- Step-by-step exclusive method for structuring sentences with proper techniques such as learning different word classes to tackle a wide range of synthesis question types.
- e.g. Active/Passive voice, Direct/Indirect Speech with answers clearly annotated to reinforce steps to achieving accuracy.

Day 3: Vocabulary and Cloze Focus:
- Learn the meanings of Phrasal Verbs and tackle different but close definitions of the words.
- Learn the skill of annotation and sourcing for clues to tackle the Cloze Passages. 

Day 4: Situational/Creative Writing
- Learn how to craft a developed story to engage a reader with a solid framework and the right tone usage for certain formats. 

Day 5: Comprehension
- Analyse passage, learn to read between the lines for inferential questions and strategies to answer different types of questions.

Math P6 Booster Course

Day 1: Whole Numbers and Algebra
- Grouping, Substitution, Making a List - Introduction to Algebra

Day 2: Decimals and Fractions
- Stacking, Maximum and Minimum, Assumption
- Equal Numerator, Branching

Day 3: Ratio and Percentage
- Repeated Identities, One-Unchanged, Constant Difference, Internal Transfer
- Discount, GST, Profit

Day 4 : Geometry and Mensuration
- Properties of Angles, Quadilaterals and Construction
- Area of Triangle and Introduction to Circles

Day 5 : Rate and Speed
- Rate, Time, Money and Combining Rate
- Distance, Speed, Time and Average Speed

Science P6 Booster Course

5 days of Science, 3 hours each


1. Concept maps

2. Practice questions

3. Daily topical tests


We have carefully structured the P6 Science Booster Course for students to maximise revision during the holidays in an enjoyable and non-stressful way. Students will recall important Lower and Upper Block Science concepts by drawing concept maps to organise important keywords and information for understanding. Combined with related practice questions and daily topical tests, this course is extremely beneficial for P5 students who have trouble consolidating knowledge they have learnt since P3. We will also introduce P6 concepts: Energy and Interactions to give students a head start and an idea of what would be expected in their transition into P6.


  • Topic: Diversity
    • Living and Non-Living Things, Plants, Animals, Fungi & Bacteria, Exploring Materials
  • Topic: Cycles
    • Life Cycles, Matter & Its Three States, Reproduction in Plants & Humans, The Water Cycle
  • Topic: Systems
    • Digestive System, Air & the Respiratory System, The Circulatory System, Plants & Their Parts, The Plant Transport System, The Unit of Life (Cells), Electrical Systems
  • Topic: Interactions
    • Introduction to Forces, Living Together, Food Chains & Food Webs
  • Topic: Energy
    • Light and Shadows, Heat and Temperature, Forms of Energy and Energy Conversions

Frequently Asked Questions

Make-up classes are available in any of the runs, Run 1, Run 2 and Run 3 of the P6 Booster Course.
Here in Our Learning Lodge, we do not want them to get distracted in class and hence, if they were to have back to back lessons throughout morning and afternoon, lunch will be provided. Students can also purchase snacks during their breaks to fill their tummies from our cafe.
Usually in the midst of the first lesson, teachers can already identify their learning style and would tweak the lessons according to what the students need to stay engaged.
Our Learning Lodge treasures our relationship with parents as we know that parents play a major role in educating our students. Should there be any concerns, feel free to raise the issues and we will be united in dealing with any complications.
No homework shall be given and your child will be getting booklets which contains questions and notes regarding each topic of the subject.


In Our Learning Lodge, the teachers will go a long way to help you understand the concepts better. On top of the already comprehensive booklets we have which contains very good examples, the teachers give us enough time to truly absorb what was being taught. - Mushtari Rahman (West Grove Primary School P6)
When I first joined Our Learning Lodge, my scores were bad and I was in Primary 6, so there was very little time for me to improve. The teachers there were very patient with me and they helped me improve my scores bit by bit. They used teaching methods that help students understand concepts better so they could improve faster. - Lee Hsiang (Westwood Primary School P6)
My grades had improved drastically ever since I was enrolled into Our Learning Lodge. OLL really focuses on the students’ weak points and after drilling us and providing assessments, the teachers would make us sit for a mini topical test. In my opinion, that is a really good method as students would really understand the topic taught. - Anna Qistina (Shu Qun Primary School P6)
I am grateful that I joined Our Learning Lodge! The teachers at OLL are very kind. They also teach us many different techniques so that we can apply them easily for different types of questions. Thank you, OLL for my vast improvement in English and Science. It is definitely the best tuition centre in the Jurong area! - G. Thanmaee (Pioneer Primary School P6)

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