3 Subjects Bundle

Knowing what to expect in Sec 1 and learning how it is different from studying for PSLE will help your child prepare earlier than their classmates and not be bamboozled when school starts in 2022!

Not to mention, they will be using time wisely during the holiday and get a headstart before secondary school which would make the transition smoother. They will be less stressed and more capable on their first day of school!

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Class Schedule and Time Slots



The PSLE and Secondary components may be the same. However, their requirements are different. 

Here is a list of the components and what they entail: 

Editing: Sec 1 students have to pick out grammatical errors in a given passage. 

Situational Writing: Students have to be creative enough to churn out 250 - 350 words from the limited information given. 

Continuous Writing: In this course, students will be taught how to write Personal Recount and Expository Essay in 350 - 500 words. 

Visual Text: Students will need to answer open-ended questions.

Narrative Comprehension: Students will be introduced to language devices such as personification and metaphors. 

Non-narrative comprehension: Students will be facing an informative passage which they then have to write a summary about. 


The Secondary 1 Bridging Math course will introduce some of the new topics to students with a heavy emphasis on Algebra. This course will help students to have a better understanding of the new topics that would be taught in Secondary 1.

The topics include:

1)  Whole Numbers 
-    Highest Common Factors (HCF)
-    Lowest Common Multiples (LCM)
-    Real Numbers and Negative Numbers

2)  Algebra
-    Expansion of Algebraic Expression
-    Factorization of Algebraic Expression
-    Application of Linear Equation

3)  Ratio and Percentage
-    Solving Real World question with Algebra

4)  Number Patterns and Sequence
-    Finding nth term 

5)  Geometry
-    Properties of Angles
-    Polygons
-    Geometrical Constructions

6)  Co-ordinate Geometry 
-    Plotting Co-ordinates
-    Plotting Graph
-    Calculating Gradient


The Secondary 1 Science Bridging Course is a short, but fun introductory course held over 5 days, 2 hours each, to equip P6 students with a better knowledge to tackle new but challenging content as they proceed to the lower secondary school level. 

The students will receive a booklet carefully prepared to guide them in their learning process, consisting of:

Concise notes
Organised logically for easy reference during or after the course.
Complex Scientific concepts have been broken down using diagrams along with several examples for easy recall.

Practice questions
To evaluate and enhance the students’ learning process.

Daily revision tests
For evaluation of students' extent of understanding of the topics learned.


Topics introduced in the course: 

  • Conducting Experiments
  • Physical Properties of Materials
  • 5 Classes of Materials
  • Physical Quantities and Measurements
  • Density    
  • Elements
  • Compounds
  • Mixtures
  • Solutions and Suspensions    
  • Separation Techniques    
  • Cells and Levels of Organization

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